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Comments, concerns, anything about how I play North? Drop 'em all here. Don't be shy. I can take it. IP logging is off, anon-enabled, all comments are screened.

You've reached Agent North Dakota. I'm currently unavailable, but I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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this here is an open post for badasses.

give me everything and i'll give it all back!
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Your Name: Tsu
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Under 18? If yes, what is your age?: Nope.
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Characters Played at Ataraxion: None.

Name: North Dakota (Real name is yet UNKNOWN. Usually referred to as simply "North.")
Canon: Red vs. Blue
Original or Alternate Universe: Original
Canon Point: End of season nine, following his conversation with York on how everything has changed since Agent Texas arrived.
Number: 006

Setting: Red vs. Blue on Wikipedia, North Dakota on the RvB wiki.

Nothing is known about North's childhood, aside from the fact that he and his sister, South Dakota were treated as pretty much the same person, presumably because they are twins. It is also unknown when exactly he and South joined Project Freelancer, but it can be assumed that they were recruited at the same time. Project Freelancer was a program started by Dr. Leonard Church to study the effects of AI (Artificial Intelligence) implants in soldiers. Members of the program have received advanced combat training and are given access to advanced weaponry.

The Dakotas were chosen for an experiment to study what would happen if one agent received an AI and the other did not. Seeing as they are twins, they were pretty much perfect for the experiment. North was the one to receive the AI, Theta, while South remained without one. The end result of this experiment is South ultimately betraying her brother and allowing him to be killed by the Meta - formerly Agent Maine - who then took the AI as well as his armor enhancement.

Since North has very little canon history, all that can be summarized is his screentime. If anything needs to be clarified, please let me know, and I will do the best I can.

In the beginning of season nine, North and his sister are sent on a mission to Bjorndal Cryogenics Research Facility in order to retrieve a data file. North himself remained outside the facility to provide cover fire while South infiltrated to get the file. Again and again, North tells South to turn on her motion trackers, since the steam surrounding his position on a smokestack is wreaking havoc with his own, and he doesn't want her to be detected. She doesn't listen to him, only worrying about getting in and out as quickly as she can, and it comes as no surprise that she ends up being seen. An alarm sounds, and North quickly leaves his sniper perch to aid her in getting out of the facility. Together they make their way to the extraction point, fighting soldiers in their way with a tag-team style, completely in sync.

Despite how well they work together as a team, they end up being surrounded, and at this point it becomes apparent that they will need some assistance of their own if they expect to escape the situation alive. This is where Agent Carolina shows up, camoflauged to blend in with a wall behind a group of soldiers, and with all three of them together they manage to fight the guards back well enough to allow them to escape when their transport arrives. During the fight, North ends up injured when he pushes his sister out of the way of a turret's fire, but the three of them manage to escape without any further incident.

Of course, nothing is ever as simple as it seems. Two enemy ships follow the Pelican the team has boarded, complete with missiles ready to fire in their direction. Thinking that there really is no other way out of the situation without getting themselves killed, Carolina clears North to use his domed energy shield to protect them from the incoming fire, so he straps his sister into a seat in the back of the Pelican and climbs up onto the roof. He manages to execute the action successfully, though the impact of the missiles hitting the shield nearly causes the Pelican to crash. When North gets back inside, his armor is smoking, showing just how dangerous it is to use armor enhancements manually.

The team is then debriefed once they get back to the Director, and the board broadcasting their ranks is updated. South is moved down a slot due to her carelessness on the mission, and thus North is moved up to the fifth slot. Not much later, he and Washington join a group of other agents to watch the newly-arrived Agent Texas in a training session against York, Maine and Wyoming. He makes a comment about the fact that she can take on all three of them is pretty impressive, and shows some concern for her when Wyoming and Maine start using live rounds, but otherwise doesn't say very much.

Later, North is seen in the briefing room with Carolina, Washington, CT, Maine and Wyoming. The Director has a new mission for them, one that requires two separate teams to pull the whole thing off. Team A, consisting of Carolina, Washington, Maine - and a newly-escaped-from-the-infirmary York - is charged with the task of retrieving an item only referred to as "The Sarcophagus." Team B, consisting of North, CT and Wyoming are charged with getting the passcode to open it. While Team A is ultimately successful in their mission, Team B is not so lucky. Wyoming ends up injured and North reports to Carolina that he's pretty much pinned down in his position. Carolina goes ahead to retrieve the passcode, and with the mission ultimately a success, both teams are picked up by a Pelican and they return to base.

Once they return, North and York share a conversation in the locker room. York comments on how he feels things are beginning to change, ever since Texas showed up, and North agrees that he's been feeling the same way. York wonders out loud if they really are the "good guys," and North says that of course they are, but he doesn't sound very sure of himself.

Nothing is known about his activity between this point and the mention of his death in Recovery One, only that he had still been partnered with the Theta AI at the time of his death.

Quite a bit can be inferred about North's personality just from the little bit we get from his screentime. First and foremost, he cares deeply about his sister. He tries to do everything in his power to keep her safe and out of trouble, but unfortunately she doesn't listen to him very often. (When he tells her to turn on her motion trackers on a mission, she ignores him outright.) He is also quick to take damage aimed at her, as is seen when he shoves her out of the way of a turret's fire during the same mission. He acts more like an older brother where she's concerned, even though they're twins, wanting to protect her in every way he can. Unfortunately, though it seems she cares deeply for him as well, he very clearly cares about her more - it is also probably safe to assume that his blind trust in her might have held a part in alloiwing him to be killed by the Meta while she escaped without being hurt.

He is basically South's polar opposite with regards to his personality. Where she is impulsive, he is very logical. He likes being able to plan everything out to the very last detail, but it's been seen that he is also pretty good with acting on the fly when plans don't work exactly how they're supposed to. (When South causes an alarm to go off and the two of them have to fight through wall-to-wall guards, they work together, tossing weapons back and forth between them and acting on each other's strengths in combat to fight their way through until they are rescued.) He is very calm and level-headed, whereas his sister is quite quick to anger. It seems there is very little that can rattle him enough to make him lose his cool, and this is a very helpful trait to have seeing as he's been seen spending a fair amount of time as a sniper. Patience is a virtue that he can't exactly afford to lose.

He is very detail-oriented. This is something he seems to share with Agent Carolina - during the mission briefing in order to obtain the sarcophagus, he is seen with both of his hands on the table, staring intently at the diagrams she's explaining, while everyone else that is accompanying them on the mission is standing back. He likes knowing the ins and outs of everything because it allows him remain on top of the plans as they are laid out.

He is also pretty quiet compared to some of the other Freelancers. Where York is kind of a joker, North is more serious about things. He takes his work very seriously, even when something goes wrong, his main concern is completing the mission without anything else happening. He might be a little more reserved than the others he interacts with, but everyone he's seen talking to he gets along with. He's friendly, very easy to get along with, where his sister is, again, pretty much his exact opposite.

Abilities, Weaknesses and Power Limitations:
The abilities that are not directly linked to his armor enhancement are based on his combat training. He is an excellent shot with a sniper rifle as well as a shotgun, as those are seen as his primary weapons when he isn't enganging in hand-to-hand combat. He is incredibly intelligent, quick to think on his feet for how much he likes to rely on prior planning.

Physically, he is pretty agile - not as much as Carolina, but there is still a level of prowess for how easily he is able to move around when the situation calls for it. He is very fit and it is safe to assume he takes the proper measure to keep himself in top shape.

His enhanced motion tracker allows him to better track enemy movements than with a standard motion tracker - and although he isn't allowed to use it often, his domed energy shield forms a protective bubble around him to prevent any damage from any incoming attacks. Without an AI to perform the necessary calibrations to maintain the enhancement, however, it is very unsafe for him to use it under his own power.

One (1) shotgun
One (1) full magazine (6 shells)
One (1) set of power armor supplied by Project Freelancer
One (1) pack of gum, peppermint

North is around 6'3, with very pale blond hair and blue eyes. His armor is violet with green trim. Here he is in full armor, and without his helmet.

Age: Around 34.

Log Sample:
North had a system. Before each mission, there was a certain set of things he went through to make sure he was completely ready for whatever it was the Director had expected of him. He might not have been at the top of the board, but he was useful enough to be chosen to accompany Agent Carolina, so he figured things weren't going too badly for him.

There was, first off, the maintenance on his weapons. Recently he'd come to notice that the scope on his sniper rifle needed to be calibrated, and as he took the weapon apart to inspect it, an eerie sort of calm crept over him as it always did. There was something very .. satisfying about being able to take the time to do this sort of thing, without any interruption. Long fingers worked, correcting things as he went, pausing every once in a while to peer down the scope itself to assure that he was doing it properly. He took immense pride in caring for his weapons - it should have come as no surprise to anyone that this was, as a result, a lengthy process.

When he was finished with that, his shotgun came next. Then there was some general maintenance on his armor. During one of his last training sessions with Agent Maine, he'd somehow managed to damage his visor. Just from peering at it, he could see a handful of tiny cracks along its surface, and it was with no small amount of displeasure that he realized he wouldn't have time to replace it before the mission. Reduced visibility was not an option. Thankfully, there was a spare helmet in his locker. It was one that he used on a very sporadic basis just for the simple fact that it didn't fit as well as the other one, but it would have to do. He couldn't very well tell the Director that he had to sit this one out because his helmet didn't fit right. Well, one less thing to worry about ..

Once his equipment met his own personal standards for optimal efficiency, he gathered up the datapads that Carolina had given him a bit earlier to go over the information regarding his designated task. There was a very small window of opportunity here, it seemed, and it was a passing thought in the back of his mind that he was thankful that York was going to be with them as well. They supposedly had a window of a minute and a half to get into this facility; and though North didn't know much about the security of the place, what kind of locks were on the doors, there was no doubt at all that the other agent would be able to get them inside in about half that time. It said a lot for how much faith he had in his teammates, but if he couldn't trust them, who could he trust?

That was the point, wasn't it?

There were moments spent in utter silence as he went over each bit of information as it scrolled across the screen in front of him. If anyone had come across him like this, they might have thought he'd become catatonic with the way he remained completely still, elbows braced on his knees with the pad in one hand and the other propped up under his chin. Only his eyes seemed to move, and as he soaked up the data, tucked it away in a corner of his mind to recall later when he needed it, he finally thought to himself that he'd done enough preparation. Though, of course, it never hurt to go over things a third or fourth time with Carolina - because above all else, he didn't want to disappoint her. She was the team leader, after all.

It was with a tiny little smile that he picked himself up from where he'd settled himself to read, joints popping slightly from the lack of movement, and there was another pause in which he took the time to stretch himself out. Let his shoulders roll, spine crackling pleasantly in several different places as he straightened. He let out a pleased hum, bent to retrieve the pads. He really hoped Carolina wouldn't mind the fact that he was about to interrupt whatever it was she was doing, but if he knew her as well as he claimed?

She'd be pleased to see him.

Comms Sample:
[north dakota is a very patient man. while he is a creature of consistency, that doesn't mean he can't roll with the changes. finding himself in these new surroundings definitely falls under the category of change, so it is with inquisitive blue eyes that he looks all around him, taking everything in to the best of his ability before he opens his mouth to speak.

it actually doesn't look too much different, if he thinks about it. but he knows he isn't aboard the mother of invention anymore. and while this might be just cause for a bit of concern on his part, he doesn't show it outwardly.

again, the eerie calm of a sniper. it comes in pretty handy every once in a while, doesn't it?

he smiles, though it's a small thing, and tilts his head to the side.]
So, I'm assuming this isn't some covert, top-secret mission that nobody knew about until we were already here.

[pause, and he chuckles a bit to himself.] Any information I could get on this place would be great.

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