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ic contact // set your goddamn trackers.

You've reached Agent North Dakota. I'm currently unavailable, but I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

text ☒ audio ☒ video ☒ action ☒ unintelligible screeching if your name is gertrude
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Text, Day 66

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You alive?
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I've been an ass.
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It wasn't you. I mean. It was but it wasn't.

It was like Tex and Omega. While he was around she was a right bitch but without? Still kind of a bitch, but not such a terrible person. Something went weird and you tried to apologize and then I was an ass. And. I'm sorry.
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I don't think you're like the director. You give a damn. you gave a damn. You care. He never really did.

I know you don't think that- I know normally you'd rather shoot yourself in the foot than suggest it. It's done. I'm good, you're good, let's grab a beer.
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[Goddamnit North just accept the apology and move on- don't make this all about FEELINGS and that bullshit just. Ugh.]

Life is too short to hold grudges.

And I've missed you. For a long while before I ever came here so- being angry and being an ass when I've actually got you around seems like a shitty and stupid thing to do, you know?
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Text > Voice

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Wait. What?

[He clicks over to voice, sounding frustrated and confused.]

What the fuck. It's been YEARS, Ev. And what the fuck do you mean 'temporal shift' and experience with them? What the hell- you've- you.

You're going to have to walk me through this because it's been years since that day- and I didn't leave WITH Tex. We left at the same time, yeah, but it's not like I've had backup for the past god only knows how long. It's been me and Delta and that's it- the odd message from you and South when it's safe, yeah but- that's it Ev. That's all.
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Wait- Evan you need to. Just. Back the fuck up.

Space stations, taken away from the project, me vanishing- you're gonna have to break this down and I'm gonna need to not be sober. Where are you? I'll be there with a sixpack in like. Five.
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> Action

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Be there in a few.

[Less than a few. He may or may not have been hanging out around the corner when you called in case you wanted to talk to him face to face. Or. Something. In about three minuets he's at North's door, knocking away, sickpack in one hand and lockpicks ready in the other.

Just in case.]
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[He's not going to admit to anything, alright? Totally innocent of any and all wrongdoing here.]

Look just. What the hell. How is this even possible?
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Day 93 [Action]

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[Let it be known, doors? Are for suckers. And people that can't work a window's lock like York can. After a long couple of days capturing and turning in cats and mice and goats and whatever the hell else he could wrangle York has worked himself to a solid state of exhaustion- but without Maclolm mother henning him and Jim busy doing whatever it is that keeps him sane, it's too damn quiet in the house to sleep. It makes him twitchy.

Besides it's been awhile since he checked in with his favorite Dakota.

So doors? For suckers. York opts to swing in through the window, closing and locking it behind him before winding his way to the nearest sofa or chair- whether or not North is in it- and flopping over.]

You got any antibacterial gel? Those mice BITE like mean little bitches, man.