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Name: Tsu
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Age: 27
Characters Played: Captain Blue Eyes, Dr. My-Brother's-Not-Really-An-Ass-I-Swear, Dr. Socially Inept
Who Referred you: ME.


Name: Agent North Dakota ( canon name not given, headcanon name is Evan Raske )
Fandom: Red vs. Blue
Age: Actual age not given in canon – presumed early-twenties
Canon Point: post s10 – bad shit is happening in the Project and York deserted with Tex and Carolina's presumed dead and all that nonsense.
Original Universe or Alternate Universe? Double-CR from both [community profile] ataraxion and [community profile] outsiders

Personality: Quite a bit can be inferred about North's personality just from the little bit we get from his screentime. First and foremost, he cares deeply about his sister. He tries to do everything in his power to keep her safe and out of trouble, but unfortunately she doesn't listen to him very often. (When he tells her to turn on her motion trackers on a mission, she ignores him outright.) He is also quick to take damage aimed at her, as is seen when he shoves her out of the way of a turret's fire during the same mission. He acts more like an older brother where she's concerned, even though they're twins, wanting to protect her in every way he can. Unfortunately, though it seems she cares deeply for him as well, he very clearly cares about her more - it is also probably safe to assume that his blind trust in her might have held a part in allowing him to be killed by the Meta while she escaped without being hurt.

He is basically South's polar opposite with regards to his personality. Where she is impulsive, he is very logical. He likes being able to plan everything out to the very last detail, but it's been seen that he is also pretty good with acting on the fly when plans don't work exactly how they're supposed to. (When South causes an alarm to go off and the two of them have to fight through wall-to-wall guards, they work together, tossing weapons back and forth between them and acting on each other's strengths in combat to fight their way through until they are rescued.) He is very calm and level-headed, whereas his sister is quite quick to anger. It seems there is very little that can rattle him enough to make him lose his cool, and this is a very helpful trait to have seeing as he's been seen spending a fair amount of time as a sniper. Patience is a virtue that he can't exactly afford to lose.

He is very detail-oriented. This is something he seems to share with Agent Carolina - during the mission briefing in order to obtain the sarcophagus, he is seen with both of his hands on the table, staring intently at the diagrams she's explaining, while everyone else that is accompanying them on the mission is standing back. He likes knowing the ins and outs of everything because it allows him remain on top of the plans as they are laid out.

He is also pretty quiet compared to some of the other Freelancers. Where York is kind of a joker, North is more serious about things. He takes his work very seriously, even when something goes wrong, his main concern is completing the mission without anything else happening. He might be a little more reserved than the others he interacts with, but everyone he's seen talking to he gets along with. He's friendly, very easy to get along with, where his sister is, again, pretty much his exact opposite.

Theta's personality can best be described as childish. He gets scared very easily, as is noted during a conversation North has with York about the fact that he often finds himself walking the hallways in the middle of the night when he can't sleep, just to calm him down. (This doesn't interfere with his ability to do his job, though - he was paired with North for a reason.)

Theta is one of those AI that does not do well on his own. (As North also states when York suggests that he pull him for a night just so he can get some sleep, and he replies with the fact that it makes him even more scared.) He was paired with North due to the agent's nurturing personality, and his ability to care for other people without putting any thought to it at all. He's .. something of a father-figure to the AI - which is the best way to describe their relationship that I can think of. They need each other, far beyond the reaches of their professional relationship.

When Theta has questions, North can answer them. When he needs to be calmed down, or to keep from getting scared, North is there for him. And on the other side of the spectrum, I think that Theta's presence is a calming one for the agent. It allows him to focus on something other than what he's doing in the Project when he's sitting idle, and the AI doesn't pull any stops when it comes to showing off to make him smile. ( Fireworks display, anyone? I mean come on. )

In short, they seem to have an exceedingly balanced relationship. While the other agents with their paired AI may work differently to achieve the same status, North and Theta have their own system, their own way of doing things. And it works for them.

Background: Red vs. Blue on Wikipedia, North Dakota on the RvB wiki.

Also I heard you liked hearing about CR. Let's do that thing, shall we?


North found himself on a spaceship called the Tranquility, on the floor of the medbay, naked as the day he was born. Everyone that ended up on that ship started out the same way, was given nothing more than a uniform in their size and a communicator that wouldn't give anything other than static until they took the lift up to the next level of the ship. There were all kinds of people milling around, none of which really knew what the hell was going on – but knowing that much from the get-go would have been too easy, right? Right. Of course.

Nobody knew what had happened to the ship's previous crew, and their only clues were those given to the resident Creepy-Face, Smiley – who made a habit of making posts on the network every so often and being as cryptic as possible, never giving any more information than he saw fit, and that just made everything all the most confusing.

Now, when he first got to the ship, there were several fellow agents from his canon for him to talk to. The most important one is going to end up being Carolina, but I'll elaborate on that in a bit. Wash was there for all of ten seconds – because Larissa lost interest and left us all behind ABLOO – but even when he was there, they didn't exactly talk all that much. Not beyond the fact that Wash was convinced that he was seeing a ghost because in the time that he's from, North is dead. (Of course he is. Because how can you introduce a character with them being dead and not have that be a thing. I hate you, Burnie.)

Maine – or, the Meta as he prefers to be called nowadays – didn't interact with him beyond wanting to know where the other agents were and if they had their AI. But given North's canonpoint at the time, he didn't know anything about the AI at all, and was more than a little reticent to give out their location without their permission because even though Maine has always been a teammate, everything he was saying seemed more than a little sketchy. Nothing happened beyond that.

When South finally appeared, let's just say that North was beyond ecstatic to find his sister. (Because she didn't come in until a couple of months later, and he'd spent that time looking for her.) While there wasn't a whole lot of interaction between them while she was there, enough happened that it's worth noting. Not long after South's entrance, Creepy-Face McGee incited a little event in which if anyone outside of the residential area of the ship came out of a room, they would find themselves in seemingly endless corridor. They had fun with it for a little while, seeing it as a race between the two of them to see which could reach the end first – but once they found out that it wasn't going to end, South got pretty upset. And that .. was when they found the door. A door that inevitably let them into a room with two skeletons and food catering to their individual tastes, but here's the kicker – South went into the room first, of course, and couldn't get out. There's no telling how long she spent banging on the walls and screaming at the top of her lungs to try to get her brother to hear her, but nothing worked. And once North realized that she'd been gone way longer than she should have, he decided to go in after her. A noble idea, except –

When he went through the door, he was in a room of his own. Still with the skeletons, with the food catering to his particular tastes, but no twin sister. He tried getting back through the door, but it was the same thing as with South – no dice. So they were stuck in their own respective little rooms until the door miraculously opened and let them back out into the hallway. After that, they were able to find their way back around the rest of the ship, and they never really did figure out what the fuck was up with that room, but it made North question where the previous crew had gone even more.

Shortly after that, he, South and Carolina decided to have a little party-type thing to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. (It was an excuse for tequila, okay? And space nachos. Don't you question me.) And while mostly he spent that time watching Carolina and his sister play beer pong and actually get along - GASP! - there's more interaction with Carolina that I'll elaborate on when I get to .. everything involving her. (You might want to get a snack while you wait. There's kind of a lot to talk about. Go get some cookies, or something. And while you're at it, bring me some, too?)

Then .. there was that whole nearly-being-brainwashed fiasco. The Tranquility stopped at a colony somewhere along the way, and once it docked, it was pretty immediately obvious that there was something going on here. All the people were walking around like robots, in their own little world and not giving any notice to anything that was going on around them. Basically, if you didn't blend in with the rest of the population well enough, you were apprehended and taken in for brainwashing. (Fun, right? Let me tell you .. no it wasn't.) While he was being held, before the actual HEY-I'M-GONNA-DRILL-A-HOLE-IN-YOUR-HEAD-YON-WON'T-FEEL-A-THING-I-PROMISE thing, he very briefly spoke with Hikaru Sulu, and most of that escalated into wondering where in the world his sister was and if she was okay – to which there was no answer until he was miraculously rescued by – you guessed it – Creepy-Face McGee when he somehow managed to unlock the door to the cell where he was being held and allowed him to escape.

Once he found his sister, they both escaped – but not before nabbing a beep-booping Carolina, who had managed to blend in with everyone else well enough to keep her from being apprehended, and they got the fuck out of there.

Unfortunately, shortly after that, South disappeared. (Because things happen and people have to drop things. No big.) But since North didn't understand just why his sister had gone, he pretty much went on a rampage all through the ship looking for her, asking everyone he'd ever even spoken to if they'd seen her, and no one had. (There's more that goes along with this too, but it's with Carolina, and I swear I'm about to get to that – so are there any of those cookies left? I'm getting kind of hungry sitting here writing all this out.)

Now, we get to the interesting stuff. The Courtship of North and Carolina – or basically, all of their interaction in a nutshell. They've always been on good terms within the project, and when they found themselves in this particular situation, they stuck together. Tried to figure out just why they were on the ship, how they could get off of it, so on and so forth. But once it became apparent that there was no immediate solution, they decided to bunker down and get themselves jobs, try to do some good around the ship. They both took jobs as security officers, both worked the same shift, and it worked out pretty well for a while.

As they continued to get comfortable, they both started realizing that there was more between them than there had been before. Especially once Carolina extended the offer of giving North a haircut – because it had been a while since his last one,of course, and he was getting a little shaggy. That .. ended in some hand-holding and kisses, as well as a search for tea – but more importantly, kisses. (Because those are nice. Everyone likes those. And if they say they don't, they're lying.)

Then, there was that little get-together with the tequila. North and Carolina decided that it would be a perfect idea to take shots together – after the former had already been playing beer pong with his sister – and since it was tequila .. well, here's a little-known fact for you. Carolina and tequila are besties. She has pretty much no inhibitions whatsoever, and she'll tell you exactly what she's thinking without realizing that it might be in her best interest to keep her mouth shut. (Except in this case, keeping her mouth shut would have been a little counter-productive.)

They talked .. and what passed as conversation when Carolina is on her way to getting spectacularly drunk ended up with her crawling over the top of the table between them and settling herself in North's lap. You .. can probably guess where things went from there, unless you really want me to go into vivid detail – but the fact remains that after that, they considered themselves a couple.

It was pretty standard after that, except for the fact that once they got through all of that brainwashing bullshit, North wouldn't let Carolina or his sister out of his sight for too long, and once South disappeared .. he pretty much wouldn't let Carolina do much of anything on her own. Though she was there for him, to try to comfort him when he realized that he wasn't going to find her again, it led him to finally asking her if she'd move in with him. Which .. she would have done if the thread had progressed as quickly as I wanted it to before we dropped, but – IT HAPPENED OKAY.

North and Carolina sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g.

The only other CR worth noting is how much North talked to Wheatley .. and how much of a goober he was. Really, how are you supposed to explain something like breathing to someone that had never had to do it before they had a human body? But he was such a bro .. North was also going to teach him how to protect himself and fight and all that but he never got around to setting up a training schedule like he wanted, which .. sad life, but things happen and then don't happen, as it were.

He didn't get along with Dean Winchester, but .. well, I guess it's kind of surprising that he didn't get along with anyone, really. He just didn't understand why someone not a member of the security team wanted to bother with rounding up his own people to do security detail when it wasn't their job in the first place, but .. whatever, right?

Basically, even through all of this CR, his personality remains the same. The only change is that he's closer to Carolina – in that he's close to her at all – and they're going to run away together and have babies and be happy. Because fuck you, Director, no one's dying.

Tired of reading? Don't worry, there's not a whole lot more to go. Not a whole lot happened at Outsiders.


So if Julya's read my Joker app first, I'm almost pretty sure there's a description of Omega in there somewhere, but just in case I'm wrong and there's not – this game was set in the Mass Effect universe, on the Omega station. It's basically what you'd expect out of a place run by Head Bitch In Charge Aria T'Loak, one badass blue asari that doesn't take any shit from anyone. It's made up of pretty much nothing but merc groups looking for work and stray vorcha, some elcor and turians and some really hot asari dancers. ( Sorry Kitkat, there still aren't male strippers in Mass Effect. )

Anyway. When North got here not only did he have to deal with his sister being mad about him being implanted with an AI and not her, but she was also pissed that he didn't tell her about his relationship with Carolina – and Carolina was pissed off at him about that, too. The very first thing the twins did was fight about that, and while they eventually reconciled and got to their own version of being close again, he and Carolina remained in a rocky place the entire time he was there. They might have adopted a varren and named it Freya but they were never really the same again.

Important CR beyond that I think .. let's see. He really only got close with Marco, a kid from the Animorphs series that he pretty much adopted just to ensure the kid didn't get himself messed up. ( He tried delivering a pizza to batarians once. It didn't end well. North was gonna choke a bitch. )

There was also a female York, which is much different from the York he knows, but they did end up getting close. He got to know her apart from the male version from his universe, came to think of her pretty much as a little sister right alongside South. He tried to protect her as much as he could, which ended up not being enough when the two of them plus Garrus went on a mission and she got her eye messed up by a stray grenade. It made him feel guilty as hell because his York had his eye fucked up from a grenade back in s9, and it was just like history repeating itself all over again. Not to mention he got himself injured trying to protect her. Oops.

He tried broing it up with Wash but that never really went anywhere. ( Wash player didn't care about CR outside of York, really. Go figure. )

That is quite literally it for CR, and the events weren't all that much to talk about, either. Adjutants attacked and things got fucked up – yeah, he has some experience with zombies too, in a way! Whee! And there was a fire that took over an entire district if I'm not mistaken, which ended up in the adopting of that varren pup I mentioned earlier because the poor thing had lost her mom and was nice and burned too. :c

Other Notables: While I'm assuming that Theta will be taken from him upon his arrival to Sanctum, noting his personality in congruence with North's is pretty important in the fact that it maps out how they were paired together in the first place.

Also, abilities that are linked with his armor are as follows:

His enhanced motion tracker allows him to better track enemy movements than with a standard motion tracker - and although he isn't allowed to use it often, his domed energy shield forms a protective bubble around him to prevent any damage from any incoming attacks. And this is where his AI Theta comes into play – the fact that he is outfitted with an AI in the first place allows him to operate his enhancement with more proficiency. Theta can monitor the shield's frequency and allow North to fire his weapon from behind it safely, as well as generally monitor the safety of the agent himself.

I ASSUME THESE WILL BE TAKEN FROM HIM AS WELL but I'm just listing them for posterity.

Inventory: One (1) shotgun
One (1) sniper rifle
One (1) set of power armor supplied by Project Freelancer
One (1) well-worn pair of jeans
One (1) Grifball t-shirt
One (1) AI, codenamed Theta
One (1) pack of gum, peppermint
One (1) pyjak plush
One (1) bottle of Bombay Sapphire


North & Marco // Outsiders // Lost pyjak, anyone?

North & South // AX // Endless Corridor even thing
North & South // Outsiders // Round One: FIGHT