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Player Information
Your Nickname: Tsu
OOC Journal: [personal profile] dickbiscuit
Under 18? Nope.
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Plurk: Aqui.
Characters Played at Singularity: None

Character Information
Name: Agent North Dakota
Name of Canon: Red vs. Blue
Canon/AU/Other Game CR: AU
Reference: Red vs. Blue on Wikipedia, North Dakota on the RvB wiki.
Canon Point: Around the point at which Carolina is outfitted with her AI – but before that whole "I'm gonna beat the crap out of Tex" situation.

Setting: Red vs. Blue. Okay. Uh. Excuse me while I try to make sense of everything it consists of while giving you a nice little mental image to go along with it. This .. might take a while. Bear with me?

So. There's a bit of a connection between RvB and the video game Halo, which basically just consists of the engine used to model the characters, but the series itself is in no way part of the Halo canon. You don't see Master Chief wandering around, ranting about insurrectionists or anything.

So here we are in the future - like way in the future, 2550-something-or-another, we aren't really sure. We're capable of space travel, we have awesome ships and have settled colonies off-world, things are going pretty well for us - except for this whole war thing. (That would be the same Great War that's happening over in the Halo party. Humans against aliens. Isn't it always that way?) While there's a bit of mention in RvB about this awful war, the aliens don't serve much purpose beyond knocking up unassuming sim soldiers (hi Tucker, how ya doin'?) and being plot devices for a couple of episodes at a time. But! So the UNSC (United Nations Space Command) wants to bring an end to this war, right? Of course they do. Because war is bad, m'kay?

This is where Project Freelancer comes from.

Project Freelancer is pretty much the only serious business in RvB. (It takes itself very, very seriously. Or maybe that's just the Director. I'll get to him in a minute.) Leonard Church was the one that started it all; he took it upon himself to gather up the most highly-trained, useful soldiers in the UNSC. Once he got them all rounded up - there ended up being forty-nine of them - he gave them all designations that matched up with US states. (Because we can't just go around calling agents by their first names, right? Of course not. That's just silly.) Now, these are the UNSC's best soldiers - but once they're in the Project, they get their advanced training. They end up getting awesome stuff like armor enhancements, which, depending on what they are, just end up adding to how badass these guys are. They get thrown into all kinds of scenarios, all kinds of situations, just to gauge their reactions and see how they respond .. and that's about it. They're going to be the ones to save the world. Everyone move along.

Now, what are about the soldiers that aren't awesome enough to be in the cool kids club? We call those "simulation soldiers," and .. well. Basically, they get lied to. (Fun, huh?) They get dropped into different outposts, get put on a "team" - red or blue, gasp! - and are told that the other "team" is the enemy. That they need to do anything and everything they can to eliminate them, because it's going to be how they win the war. Now, it shoud be kind of obvious that someone's lying, right? Well .. it should, but .. apparently it isn't. Because it's enough to get these sim soldiers going at each other like they really are going to save the world - even if, most of the time, they spend their days standing around and staring at each other through scopes and plotting terrible things that never happen. Or team-killing. There's a lot of team-killing going on.

Sorry, Church.

Every once in a while, a Freelancer gets to pay one of these outposts a visit. The wee little sim soldiers think this is a totally legit thing that's happening - when in reality, it's just a training scenario for the agent in question. It doesn't really matter what training exercise they go through, once it's finished, the Freelancer returns to base and life goes back to normal with the reds and blues. Because standing around and being lazy and eating Oreos is pretty much the only thing to do when you think you're saving the world by coming up with excuses not to do any work.

Okay, back to Project Freelancer. Its base is on a ship called the Mother of Invention, and it's got pretty much anything you could ever think to need when you're trying to save the galaxy from big, bad aliens. And I do mean anything - housing for the agents themselves, mess hall, training floor and observation deck, command center .. really, you name it, it's probably on that ship. This is where everything happens, the base of operations, and ultimately where everything starts going to shit for everyone involved.

But shhh. Since nobody knows about that yet, we aren't going to talk about it.

Personality: Quite a bit can be inferred about North's personality just from the little bit we get from his screentime. First and foremost, he cares deeply about his sister. He tries to do everything in his power to keep her safe and out of trouble, but unfortunately she doesn't listen to him very often. (When he tells her to turn on her motion trackers on a mission, she ignores him outright.) He is also quick to take damage aimed at her, as is seen when he shoves her out of the way of a turret's fire during the same mission. He acts more like an older brother where she's concerned, even though they're twins, wanting to protect her in every way he can. Unfortunately, though it seems she cares deeply for him as well, he very clearly cares about her more - it is also probably safe to assume that his blind trust in her might have held a part in allowing him to be killed by the Meta while she escaped without being hurt.

He is basically South's polar opposite with regards to his personality. Where she is impulsive, he is very logical. He likes being able to plan everything out to the very last detail, but it's been seen that he is also pretty good with acting on the fly when plans don't work exactly how they're supposed to. (When South causes an alarm to go off and the two of them have to fight through wall-to-wall guards, they work together, tossing weapons back and forth between them and acting on each other's strengths in combat to fight their way through until they are rescued.) He is very calm and level-headed, whereas his sister is quite quick to anger. It seems there is very little that can rattle him enough to make him lose his cool, and this is a very helpful trait to have seeing as he's been seen spending a fair amount of time as a sniper. Patience is a virtue that he can't exactly afford to lose.

He is very detail-oriented. This is something he seems to share with Agent Carolina - during the mission briefing in order to obtain the sarcophagus, he is seen with both of his hands on the table, staring intently at the diagrams she's explaining, while everyone else that is accompanying them on the mission is standing back. He likes knowing the ins and outs of everything because it allows him remain on top of the plans as they are laid out.

He is also pretty quiet compared to some of the other Freelancers. Where York is kind of a joker, North is more serious about things. He takes his work very seriously, even when something goes wrong, his main concern is completing the mission without anything else happening. He might be a little more reserved than the others he interacts with, but everyone he's seen talking to he gets along with. He's friendly, very easy to get along with, where his sister is, again, pretty much his exact opposite.

One other thing worth mentioning is his relationship to his AI unit, Theta. Theta was specifically chosen to be paired with North due to his nurturing personality - and given that the AI is child-like, very quiet and shy and just the smallest bit skittish, they were pretty much the perfect match from the very beginning. North is able to calm him down, allow him to focus when he thinks he might make a mistake in his calibrations when moderating the bubble shield's frequency to allow the agent to fire through it. They work as a pretty darn flawless team, complementing each other and picking up where one might fall from shortcomings, and caring for Theta in general gives North something to focus on. It gives him a purpose, aside from worrying about his sister all the time.

Abilities, Weaknesses, and Power Limitation Suggestions: Canon-wise: The abilities that are not directly linked to his armor enhancement are based on his combat training. He is an excellent shot with a sniper rifle as well as a shotgun, as those are seen as his primary weapons when he isn't engaging in hand-to-hand combat. He is incredibly intelligent, quick to think on his feet for how much he likes to rely on prior planning.

Physically, he is pretty agile - not as much as Carolina, but there is still a level of prowess for how easily he is able to move around when the situation calls for it. He is very fit and it is safe to assume he takes the proper measure to keep himself in top shape.

His enhanced motion tracker allows him to better track enemy movements than with a standard motion tracker - and although he isn't allowed to use it often, his domed energy shield forms a protective bubble around him to prevent any damage from any incoming attacks. And this is where his AI Theta comes into play – the fact that he is outfitted with an AI in the first place allows him to operate his enhancement with more proficiency. Theta can monitor the shield's frequency and allow North to fire his weapon from behind it safely, as well as generally monitor the safety of the agent himself.

Ability Transference in the AU: He will still be highly-trained as a soldier, but as he will not have his armor, he will not have any of the abilities linked to it. His enhanced motion tracker will be attributed to his talisman, allowing him to better pinpoint enemy locations. His energy shield, unfortunately, cannot transfer over.
Inventory: An Arabian horse, aptly named Theta.
One (1) US Model 1835 Musket
One (1) talisman infused with the spirit of a dead warrior, giving him enhanced abilities – in North's case, the ability to better track enemy movements.
The clothes on his back.

Appearance: North is around 6'4, with very pale blond hair and blue eyes. His armor is violet with green trim. Here he is in full armor, and without his helmet.
Age: Given the time period of the AU, I'm going to go with early twenties. Let's say 22.

OC/AU Justification
If AU, How is Your Version Different From Canon, and How Will That Come Across? So we heard you like AU justification. I hope you're ready for some really interesting stuff that's about to go down here.

So. Freelancers in the wild west. All right. Let's go.

The time period we're working with here takes place around the Texas Revolution – which takes place in 1835. Given the origin of the war, it's very likely that the Freelancers would be training to fight the Texans, who were fighting to separate themselves and become their own little country. (But then the Texans had to turn around and fight the Mexicans to keep them from taking their land.) With me so far?

Here we go with the canon-to-AU references!

Mexicans – the Covenant
Texans – Insurrectionists
US Military – UNSC
Freelancers – .. okay so they're nothing but Freelancers. That's no different.

And since we very clearly don't have the use of modern technology in the wild, wild west and cannot have artificial intelligence, we're going to incorporate some Native American magic to compensate for that. Let's say the Director kidnapped a Shaman (which, in this case, would take place of the Engineer) to take the spirit of a dead warrior and infuse that spirit into multiple talismans.

The dead warrior would be Allison. Placing bits of her spirit into these talismans would give whoever wore them enhanced abilities – whether it be speed, the ability to heal, track enemy movements, so on and so forth. And as long as the talisman remains whole, it will continue to function.

Obviously, the use of state names doesn't transfer over except for those that are already established on the East coast – York would still be York, Wash could be Wash but after the president. Since North and South Dakota were not in the union just yet, we can go with the assumption that North's sister ran off to join the military before he did, which could be why she and Carolina were North and South Carolina until he showed up. MASS CONFUSION ENSUES .. so Carolina ends up just being 'Carolina' and North and South were named after the cardinal directions.

Also, given the time period, it's very obvious that women were not treated as equals – and since Allison would have had a very dominant role in her relationship with Church, we can assume that the Director had a more liberal view of women. Inside the Project, they're treated as equals .. outside, it's a no-go. Which means that the ladies would most likely have to dress as men on their missions – unless there was a reason for them to infiltrate and blend in as women. (I like that idea, okay. Ladies in corsets. It's a nice mental image.)

Some key events to consider!

- During the Sarcophagus mission, it's obvious that the Freelancers would be well aware of what they're going after. (Because let's face it .. having a Shaman locked up in a box is kind of ludicrous.) But, they don't have to know why they're going after him.
- Tex is on this mission. Tex being the Director's failed attempt to bring Allison back from the dead – and because he's chock full of ideas for terrible experiments, he found the body of a comatose woman to do experiments on. Tried to transfer the spirit of his dead love into this woman to bring her back – and once they get the Shaman, he's pretty much like "well, you messed this up pretty badly, but! I can put what remains of her soul in these talismans for your agents." And since the Director is crazy and wants to hold on to things that he's lost, naturally, he agrees.
- CT working with the Insurrectionists would be her giving them data on the magic being used within the Project. Magic is probably seriously frowned upon and let's face it – the Texans probably aren't thrilled that the Freelancers don't want them to be their own country. Boohoo.
- CT leaving the intel for Tex when she leaves with the Insurrectionists would have to be .. something tangible buried in a box somewhere out in the middle of nowhere. (Cue treasure hunt? Because that sounds like fun, too.)
- Allison's death would have had to have taken place some time before – possibly during an altercation with the Native Americans. Like, a complete accident or something given the fact that there were no major conflicts with the US military at the time. (Possibly during the war of 1812.)

On a very general scale, even given the fact that this AU takes place way, way in the past compared to canon, it will not affect North's personality. Quite honestly? He was made for this era; he remains quiet, stoic, that very polite young man that every lady wants to bring home to meet the parents. Chivalry isn't exactly dead in this era, and he fits in very well with that as well. He will always be quick to help his teammates, quick to offer a smile or advice where he thinks it's warranted.

If OC, Did You Run Your Character Through a Mary-Sue Litmus Test?
And What Did You Score?

Log Sample: There were few things that calmed him before heading out for a mission than one of the simplest. He hummed softly in the back of his throat as he made his way to the stables, an apple he'd taken from dinner hidden behind his back as he approached. There was a smile just slightly curving the corners of his mouth upward as his horse picked its head up, all but straining for him with a small whinny that brought a tiny little chuckle from the man bringing him a treat.

"All right, Theta. I'm coming."

It was almost like the animal understood him – or at least, that was how he tended to see it. In the quiet times they shared when North was saddling him before riding out, he spoke to him as though he was actually listening, as though he could offer some sort of insight on whatever it was he was talking about. It was never about anything important .. mostly, it was any worry he may have had about what they were being sent out to do, about letting his sister go off on her own when she knew he was going to worry himself sick over her absence –

But that was neither here nor there, was it? And that wasn't why he was out here, just after dusk, carrying an apple to a horse that was practically dancing back and forth the closer he got.

North reached out once he was close enough, fingertips brushing lightly between his horse's eyes, and he swore up and down the silly thing nuzzled into his hand – a thing which never ceased to make him smile – and when he presented the apple, there was another soft whinny that he was sure was meant to be a happy thing.

"You'd better appreciate this, buddy .. I had to make sure no one saw me sneak it out for you."

There was nothing but silence – save for the subtle crunchcrunchcrunch! of the apple being consumed, and another soft laugh from the blond as he leaned against the stable gate, scratching between his horse's ears with a contented sigh.

Surely, nothing would ever calm him as much as this.
Network Sample: [north does not know what to do. while he's more than familiar with the .. magic of their talismans, this .. it's sheer luck on his part that he's managed to work the bracelet fitted to his wrist and bring up the holographic display in the first place.

which he ends up staring at for a full moment or two before he realizes that .. others on the network may be seeing him.

even though he isn't quite sure what this .. network is just yet.]
.. H-hello? [if he speaks loudly, it's only because he has no idea what in the world he's doing, and he's thinking that maybe the louder he talks, the more clearly he'll be understood.] What .. what is this?

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